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About Us

Early Years:

Jeff Peters in front of a fantasy football draft board

FJ Fantasy Sports was the creation of Jeff and Pam Peters of Erie, PA. Jeff was the sports nut of the two, while Pam was the artistic side of the business.

Jeff spent his entire career in the corrugated packaging industry until finally retiring in early 2007. He devoted all of his work time to FJ Fantasy Sports from 2007 until 2018. His hobbies include sports, boating, and playing fantasy sports. He's been playing fantasy football and baseball since 1990. His knowledge of corrugated and sports came together in 2002, when FJ Fantasy Sports was founded.

Pam was the creative side of FJ Fantasy Sports, and created the first "FJ" draft board in 2002 after Jeff asked her to make a draft grid for his fantasy baseball draft. This first-ever board was uniquely decorated, and got them wondering about marketing them. After much trial and error, Jeff and Pam began selling draft boards in July 2002. Pam quit her outside job in 2004 and devoted all of her time to FJ Fantasy Sports from 2004 until 2018.


Jeff Peters and Brian Benander

Jeff and Pam sold the company to Brian Benander of Cleveland, OH in February of 2018.  Brian is a friend of Jeff and Pam's and has been playing in Jeff's Erie Couch Potato Fantasy Baseball League since 2003. Brian marveled at the spectacular draft board used during the Erie baseball draft, not realizing it was the creation of commissioner Jeff Peters.  When Jeff and Pam were looking to retire in 2018, Brian was excited to jump on board the FJ Fantasy train.  Brian, too, is a sports enthusiast and has been playing fantasy sports for most of his life. 

In the spirit of keeping FJ Fantasy Sports a family business, Brian's brother, John, is working alongside as Marketing Director.  John is a techie sports fanatic who flaunts the "robot" that he created to help him with his selections during his fantasy drafts.  In addition to John, Brian's wife, Andrea, assists with the administrative work of the business, while Brian's sister, Megan, helps out with taking orders over the phone. Bring up her favorite Cleveland Indian "great," Paul Sorrento, and Megan will talk your ear off. With other family members helping out with various tasks, this business is truly a family effort.


As our business continues to grow, we are constantly tinkering with new concepts and ideas. We have been very lucky to have been "discovered" by some important national figures in the fantasy sports industry, and have been able to forge some beneficial alliances that we hope to continue.

We look forward to serving you and providing you with top-notch Fantasy Sports products!