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Q. What is "Corrugated" and why are your draft boards better than your competitors?

A. Corrugated is the material that shipping boxes are made of. It is a rigid material and allows the draft board to stand up by itself. We use glossy, pure white corrugated which gives the draft board a beautiful look and finish. Our competitors use a flimsy sheet of paper that has to be taped up on a wall, severely limiting where and how it can be used. Their paper draft board also comes to you folded in many squares, which makes it hard to flatten. Our draft board is flat after you set it up, and you don’t have to worry about ripping it or be concerned if you want to write on it. You also do not have to worry about repairing walls with paint and spackling compound! Since many drafts are conducted in bars, it is a big advantage to have a free standing draft board that can be used anywhere.

Q. How do I expand your draft board to accommodate more than 16 teams or more than 23 rounds?

A. We offer optional 20"-high stands to expand the draft board to 30 rounds. We also offer panels that can accommodate an unlimited number of extra teams. If you need a customized board, please call us and tell us what you need!

Q. Are your draft boards priced higher than your competitors?

A. No. Even though we supply a much-higher quality free-standing draft board, our prices are pretty much the same or less than companies that sell flimsy paper sheets. There is absolutely no comparison between our corrugated display draft board and a paper sheet.