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Product Overview

FJ Fantasy Sports offers our signature free-standing draft boards for all fantasy sports, including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. These draft boards are made of rigid corrugated, and can stand on any flat surface. Each of our draft boards (except the Mini, which is 16 teams x 30 rounds) can accommodate 23 rounds and your choice of 10, 12, 14, or 16 teams. We offer an 8-team draft board, as well, but in the Jumbo size only. In addition, we offer reversible "Extensions/Bases" to match the 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 team draft boards. These extensions can turn your draft board into a 30-round board and/or simply provide a mounting platform for your board to give it extra height. Our boards can be connected to one another, so other team combinations are also possible (ex. we have customers that use our boards for a 20-team draft!). All FJ Fantasy Sports corrugated draft boards are free-standing with or without the matching extensions/bases!

We also offer a poster version of our draft boards in both a Regular and Jumbo sizes.  Our posters are made on high-quality 80lb mid-gloss poster paper and use the exact same label sets as our free-standing corrugated draft boards. The poster draft boards are neatly folded and come shipped in an envelope with your player labels. These posters are great if you want to save a little money and have the wall space to hang them.

We offer 5 different label sizes, as well - three of which accommodate drafts, and two of which accommodate auctions. : Standard Draft and Auction labels for the Regular size board, and Standard Draft and Auction labels for the Jumbo size board. The label size you need will be determined by what type of draft you have (auction or snake) and how far away you want to be able to read the labels. See one of the photos below which show the label comparisons and specs.

All customers have the option to order custom league and team name labels where we will print out all the names for you so that your draft board is customized/personalized. We have even started rolling out the option of printing league name logos and team name logos for customers. If you do not want us to do the customization for you, don't worry, all draft board or label purchases come with the blank labels for the team names and league names with instructions on how to print on them using our online template.

The Auction Kit/Position Labels is a set of "Position" stickers which are used to cover the round numbers on our free-standing corrugated draft board, so that participants can easily see how each team is filling up position-wise. This kit was originally designed for auction style leagues that do not have the concept of "rounds"; however, some customers who participate in standard drafts choose to use the kit, as well, since they like their draft board organized by positions rather than rounds.

A set of colorful two-sided 11"x17" heavy paper stock sheets, one for each team in your league, that allows each team to keep their own log of the draft, fill in their roster, makes personal notes for reminders, etc.  Overall, this is an extra product just to make each manager's life a little more organized on a hectic draft day.

A set of colorful 8.5" x 11" heavy paper stock sheets, one for each team in your league, that displays the schedule of each NFL team. All bye weeks are displayed, as well as non-Sunday match-ups, international games, etc..This is a great drafting tool for all managers when planning their next pick.

These labels indicate the week each NFL team has a bye week, and can be applied to any of our draft boards.  The labels come in two styles: Vertical (10.5" tall x 5.75" wide) or Horizontal (5.75" tall x 10.5" wide). 

Below are several photos which show how all of our drafting products come together to provide your league a professional look and feel on draft day.

Free Standing Draft Board
Free Standing Draft Board
2 Faces of a Stand
2 Faces of a Draft Board Extension
Regular Draft Board
Regular Draft Board
Jumbo Draft Board
Jumbo Draft Board
Regular Draft Board w/ plain stand
Regular Draft Board w/ Plain Extension
Jumbo Draft Board w/ Grid Stand
Jumbo Draft Board w/ Grid Extension
Jumbo Draft Board w/ Plain Stand
Jumbo Draft Board w/ Plain Extension
Mini Draft Board
Mini Draft Board
Auction Kits
Auction Kits
Label Comparisons
Label Comparisons
Custom Owner Labels
Custom League & Team Name Labels
Personal Draftlogs
Personal Draft Logs

Custom League & Team Name Labels with Logos

Jumbo Football Poster Draft Board
NFL + IDP Draft Labels